1 // Here I Go. Again.

Productive day today. Cleaned the kitchen top to bottom, including emptying and scrubbing the fridge, got some meal planning done, three loads of laundry. Had a quick workout during Hogan’s naptime — abs, squats, lunges, calf raises. I ate well, though I did splurge on a couple small handfuls of M&Ms, and I logged my food on my handy dandy Fitness Pal app on the ol’ iphone. Oh, yeah, and I started blogging again.

I’m trying to get myself set up for success; next week I’m returning full force to my training plan. I’m absolutely appalled at myself and how far I’ve let myself fall from the ING last March. I am out of shape, out of excuses and out of patience. Time to hold my feet to the fire.



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11 responses to “1 // Here I Go. Again.

  1. Heather

    You go, girl. I’ll be stoking the flames for ya.

  2. Emma

    GO GO GO. I have been forced onto a health kick due to the old gallbladder (it’s hard to eat badly when anything other than fruit, vegetables and brown bread causes you unbelievable pain!) so I will be a) sort of doing it alongside you and b) rooting for you like mad.

  3. Heather Anne

    Who’s this other Heather you’ve been Tatering behind my back?!

  4. pherooz

    Yay for productivity! Am cheering you on (and getting inspired). šŸ™‚

  5. Angela

    I hate, hate, hate, hate the *feet not wanting to move* feeling.

    Kick it’s ass, ladybug. I believe the Mercedes half-marathon may be calling.

    • jennathlete

      hell yes it is. I’m planning on the Zooma this November, so I’m sure I can get ready for Birmingham with you.

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