2 // w1d1

In the spirit of positivity, of moving forward and all that other rot I shall tell you simply that I finished Week One Day One of Couch 2 5k. I shall not tell you how it kicked my ass, how it took twenty minutes for my feet to feel like they belonged at the end of my legs, how I spent the entire 31 one minutes so furious at myself I didn’t enjoy a single minute of the run.

Instead, let me introduce you to my running partner.

Yeah. That’s Her Lady Grace, Dame Evelyn of Athens. Because she is a kind and generous sort, she allows us to call her by her nickname, Evie Bevie Dumbface.  Worst running partner ever. She chases squirrels, cats, birds. Shadows. She stops for random bits of hamburger in the street. She almost broken three legs today. But when I look at that face, I sort of don’t even mind.



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3 responses to “2 // w1d1

  1. Angela

    Oh hay! Did you like how the comment I left on your other post was supposed to be on this one?


    *pets doggie*

  2. jennathlete

    whatevs. you can post wherever you want, whenever you want, you hottie.

  3. Heather

    I love how you always make me laugh. I think Her Lady Grace needs some training, too. You’ll whip her into shape in no time.

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