onward, upward

Am I the only person who quite frequently finds a pen or a pencil shoved through their ponytail? I suppose I do this unconsciously; one minute I’m writing and the next I’m playing a game of OH MY GOD WHERE IS MY FIRE TRUCK? NO THE OTHER FIRE TRUCK! NO THE OTHER FIRE TRUCK! and then an hour later I’ll realize I’ve got a Bic sticking out of my head. I suppose it’s simple grace that’s kept me from this until now.

That, in case you can’t tell, is ink. From my hair. And I, in the spirit of all mothers before me, reached for the obvious — baby wipe. It’s the standard mommy go to tool. Gunk on your kid’s face? Baby wipe. Blood on his leg? Baby wipe. Zombie Apocolypse? Baby wipe.

I’ve had a good day though, in spite of Ink Explosion 2010. I managed to get right at it this morning, rousing the three year old and the puppy and getting them into the running stroller and onto the leash (respectively) and then headed out for Couch25K W1D2. Which promptly kicked my ass.

It’s frustrating, to have lost 40 pounds and have gained most of it back, to have finished two half-marathons and now be starting over with a beginner’s running program. It’s humbling. It’s emberassing, even, but it’s real. This is real life. This is the nitty gritty. It’s hard and it sucks, but I can’t look at where I’ve been, only where I’m going. Onward and Upward, right?

In that vein, here is what I’ve decided.

August 14 – Summer’s End 5k Fitting, since this was my first ever 5k, three years ago. Also, August 14th is NOT the end of Summer, not in Georgia anyway.

November 5 – Zooma Atlanta. I’ve been talking about Zooma for a couple of years. I’ve wanted to run a women’s series race, and I’ve heard this one is brilliant. Besides, this year it’s being held about 4 miles from my sister’s house at a beautiful vineyard. If I spend the night with her I can even sleep late that morning! Well, late for a race day.

So there it is, in black and white. No backing down. No giving up. Onward. Upward.

(For the sake of posterity, I also did The Fitnessista’s Summer Shape Up workout today, which, ow.)


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