I am:

I’m a 30 year old stay at home mom and freelance writer. My husband Jeremy and I have been married for seven years, and we have a three year old son, Hogan. I began running shortly after his birth and lost 30 pounds and completed two half-marathons, but even at the height of that period in my life, I always felt like I was phoning it in. I never got into the shape that I wanted, I never dedicated myself like I wanted. I never took charge of my life, not completely.

After I finished my second half-marathon, I decided to take a couple of weeks off to rest my knees. A few weeks turned into a month, two months, a year and now, fourteen months later I’ve gained back nearly all of the weight I took off in the first place. I’m out of shape and out of excuses. It’s time for me to take back my life, one day at a time.


5 responses to “I am:

  1. Jess

    Your exactly the kind of mother I hope to be someday!

  2. jennathlete

    Jess, what a delightful thing to hear! Thank you so much!

  3. Allyn

    Wow. I’m floored. I just posted on your post about wrecking on your bike. Then I scrolled down and read your story about beating cancer and becoming a runner. I am in awe and inspired. Whenever it feels hard I will certainly think of you and what wonderful things you’ve done.

    I, too, am competing in my first tri… in 10 days!! It’s on August 2nd in my hometown in Mississippi (You’re familiar with the heat I’ll be battling). I am confident in everything but the swim. If I can only keep from drowning…

    Good luck to you!

  4. jennathlete


    Thanks so much! I so appreciate you taking the time to stop in and say hello. And good luck!!! I hope your tri is relatively early in the morning. These summer temps are brutal, aren’t they? I’m the same place as you, as far as swimming. If I can keep afloat during that, I think I’ll be ok! Hope all goes well on the second!

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